Cultural and natural monuments

Our guesthouse is a stone's throw from the Lednice-Valtice area. Everyone has probably heard about this UNESCO monument. You can find comprehensive information here. We have some lesser-known tips for you.

Map of cultural and natural monuments

Our map gives you a good overview of the beautiful places around our guesthouse.

From Lednice castle by boat on the Dyje

Boarding is at the dock about 300 meters from the castle. The first exit station is Minaret. The next part of the cruise leads through the meanders of the Thaya River to Jan Castle. During the cruise you will see beautiful turtles peeking out of the water, you may even get lucky with beavers. From the Janův hrad stop you can walk back to the Lednice castle. The green hiking trail will take you through the beautiful castle park.

From the Three graces summer palace to the unique New court farm

The castle, called the Three Graces after the sculpture, is one of the most popular stops in the area. Just a kilometre away, you can visit a lesser-known attraction, the Empire-style Nový Dvůr farmhouse. This architecturally unique building from the early 19th century was used for sheep farming. It includes a circular rotunda with a beautifully painted parlour. The farmhouse offers indoor and outdoor seating for tired tourists, including refreshments.

Belveder castle near Valtice

The classicist Belveder Chateau is located about 1 km north of Valtice. It was originally intended for breeding pheasants for the local nobility, but today you will enjoy the view of the surrounding countryside. The seasonal café offers terrace seating where you can listen to the birds singing and refresh yourself with coffee in floral porcelain.

Do you feel like going even further? Then we recommend:


The unconventional Barefoot Trail takes you on a pleasant walk along the borders of the Czech Republic and Austria.

Archaeopark Pavlov

The Pavlov Archaeopark provides an opportunity to explore both prehistoric times and modern architecture.

Lookout tower Kobylí vrch

The Kobylí Vrch spiral lookout tower is located in close proximity to the Archeopark and offers a unique and captivating view of the surrounding area.

Swimming in the quarry

If you're looking for a spot to enjoy natural swimming, head to the quarry at Mariánský mlýn (mill) near Mikulov.

Konvent Gallery

A visit to the Konvent Gallery in the former Capuchin monastery is a must-see when in Mikulov.